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Idol Marine is owned by Adriaan de Beer. Adriaan has been in the Marine Aquarium business since 2003 and has kept marine aquariums since he was at school and has extensive knowledge of all things marine aquarium related. Idol Marine was started in 2004 by Adriaan  and has since then been trading as a specialized marine aquarium design and manufacturing business.

Idol Marine is a manufacturing wholesaler and our products are available at select retailers. For a list of our retailers or should you wish to become an Idol Marine retailer kindly contact us.

Idol Marine not only designs and manufactures custom aquariums we also offer the following:

  • Design and installation of pond viewing panels.
  • Design and installation of pool glass / viewing panels.
  • Design and manufacturing of Idol Marine aquarium equipment range.

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: 071 878 7431 (office) / 082 904 3313

: adriaan@idolmarine.co.za

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